The Glocal channels represent the finest in international television programming and showcase the most popular formats across multiple platforms. Our channels bring drama, comedy, music, dance, sports, game shows, talk shows, news and factual programming from all over Asia and Europe to viewers eager for programming from ‘back home’.


How to Find Our Channels

Whether watching at home or on the go, you can access Glocal channels via the leading Pay TV operators and streaming media services around the world. We go where our audience is, so depending on the programming requested, we can accommodate our viewers with our international platform partners.



Glocal Media, based in the US with offices in the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore, specializes in the creation and operation of original international channels which air across multiple platforms worldwide. Currently, Glocal operates 14 distinct brands, bringing TV shows, movies, music specials, games shows, music, entertainment and news to targeted audiences in the US, Canada and Australia.



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