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88bb is an exciting channel that brings Chinese language, arts, history and culture to pre-school age children. 88bb is an SVOD channel, a website and a mobile platform ( and introduces preschoolers to Chinese customs, music and dance through popular and entertaining TV shows and short videos.

88bb surrounds preschoolers with songs, dance, and lively images while simultaneously teaching them the basics of Chinese language. 88bb was created to offer parents an alternative to English language kids programming with shows for their kids to watch at home, during long car rides, while running errands, etc.

88bb was created with parents in mind: A SAFE environment where you know exactly what your kids are watching. All of our content comes from proven sources such as MomoKids, Chao Hu (coming soon) and Little Sheep.



88bb是一個安全的學習環境,讓父母明確瞭解您的孩子在觀看甚麼樣的節目。所有的節目內容皆來自MomoKids, Chao Hu (coming soon) and Little Sheep。

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